In each gallery, you can explore a carefully curated collection of Tom Joyce's captivating artworks that span various styles, themes, and mediums. Immerse yourself in a world of vivid colours, intricate details, and profound expressions as each piece invites you to embark on a journey of beauty, emotion, and introspection. From stunning landscapes to evocative portraits and thought-provoking seascapes, Tom invites you to experience his unique artistic perspective and discover the boundless possibilities of visual storytelling. 

Each painting has a unique story, and Tom will provide the purchaser with a handwritten document that tells the story of the piece. Sizes listed are in centimetres, e.g., 25 x 29 cm. The first dimension (25) is the vertical height, while the second dimension (29) is the width.


Inspired by European coastlines near and far, the Seascapes Gallery captures the colours and serenity of the ocean. Among the collection, you'll find paintings such as "Cois Farraige", which transports you to the rugged west coast of Ireland, combining elements from various scenic locations into a vibrant composition. "Exploration" captures the joy and wonder of seaside holidays, evoking memories of discovering treasures along the shore, while "Stradbally Cove" reminds us of cherished family moments spent exploring caves and enjoying the beauty of County Waterford. Further afield, paintings such as "Port de l'Olivette" portrays the juxtaposition of opulent mansions and humble fishing boats in a picturesque cove on the Cap d'Antibes, and "Memories of Antibes" recalls the vivid colours and ethereal atmosphere of the French Riviera. 

Explore the oceans and get lost in the tide of the Seascapes Gallery.


Living amongst the Slieve Bloom Mountains for almost four decades has provided endless inspiration for Tom's oil paintings. The Landscapes Gallery showcases paintings such as "Glencullin, County Mayo", a breathtaking mountain landscape of the Doolough Valley which draws adventurous hillwalkers to its magnificence. Experience the tranquillity of autumn in "Autumnal Peace" as the vibrant greens give way to a tapestry of golden hues, evoking the anticipation of frosty nights and cosy firesides. "Glenbarrow" is a heartfelt tribute to Tom's beloved home, capturing the geology, dappled light, and life-giving river that shape its scenic beauty. Feel the invigorating power of a summer wind in "Summer Breeze," bending branches and sweeping away withered leaves, taking your breath away. "Muckish Mountain" offers a haunting and mysterious beauty inspired by a climb through abandoned quarries and a prehistoric burial cairn. Discover the beauty of remarkable landscapes.

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Still Life

Using an array of techniques, balancing light and textures, Tom's Still Life paintings bring life to everyday items. Within the collection, you'll find artwork such as "Peaches" which captures the soft and delicate texture of the plump fruits. The "Roman Vase" celebrates Tom's visit to the Musee d'Orsay in Paris and draws inspiration from Couture's masterpiece, "Romans during the Decadence," inviting you to admire the beauty of art within art. "L'Orange" reminds us of the beauty found in the simplest, everyday objects, urging us to take a closer look and appreciate their inherent charm. The paintings in this gallery showcase Tom's eye for detail and invite you to marvel at the beauty found in the ordinary. 

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The Figurative Gallery celebrates renowned artists and people who inspired Tom's work. Paintings such as "Self Portrait in the Style of Caravaggio" pay homage to the Italian artist, capturing the dramatic contrast of light and dark and employing the foreshortening technique. It goes beyond a mere likeness of Tom, offering a glimpse into his life, dress, and work -a portrait that embodies his essence. "Awakening" is a captivating painting that sparks the viewer's imagination, inviting them to create their own narrative. "Lady in Waiting" portrays a young woman Tom met in the fortress of Briançon, playing the role of a soldier's wife in a summer pageant. This piece captures her grace and intrigue, leaving us to wonder about her story and the emotions she embodies. "Alexandra" presents a mysterious figure standing in a doorway, inviting us to ponder her identity, her thoughts, and the enigmatic experiences she may have encountered. Each portrait invites you to delve into the captivating narratives they hold.

View more portraits in the Figurative Gallery.


Tom's diverse range of sculptures and three-dimensional artworks are showcased throughout Ireland. Within the Sculptures Gallery, you'll find works comprised of mixed materials, from steel to stone. "Balance" was a commissioned trophy for the Irish Reserve Defence Forces shooting competition; skilfully designed and crafted, it symbolises precision and balance, reflecting the qualities necessary for a winning marksman. "Legacy of a Landmine" serves as a powerful sculpture that pays tribute to the innocent civilians, usually children, affected by the indiscriminate use of landmines, condemning those responsible for their suffering. "Earth Science" is a remarkable brass sculpture mounted on naturally textured sedimentary rock, doubling as an equatorial sundial when adjusted to different latitudes. "Warrior Skin", inspired by Akira Kurosawa's renowned film "The Seven Samurai", captures the essence of strength and resilience through its steel composition. While "A Head for Business", a sculpture designed during the Celtic Tiger Era in Ireland, showcases a steel sculpture modelled on the skull of a Velociraptor, known for its ferocity and featured in the film "Jurassic Park".Each sculpture tells a unique story and invites you to explore artistic expression in three-dimensional form.

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Published in 1995, Tom's book 'Bladhma - Walks of Discovery in Slieve Bloom', featured his hand-drawn botanical illustrations and nature-inspired artworks. Within the Illustrations Gallery, you'll find watercolour features such as "Field Poppy", which honours the symbol of remembrance for the tragic time of the First World War, capturing the profusion of red poppies that bloomed on the battlefields. "Foxglove" showcases the beauty of this beloved flower, known for its toxicity and the extraction of the powerful drug Digitalin. "Holly" embodies the mystical essence of winter, with its red berries believed to protect against evil and ward off lightning in Irish folklore. "Hawthorn" symbolises spring's arrival, winter's end, and life's renewal. "Spear Thistle" portrays this troublesome weed, cherished by Goldfinches for its seeds during autumn and winter, whilst "Yellow Iris" holds the meaning of life and resurrection, symbolised by the Greek word for rainbow, "Iris."

Immerse yourself in the botanical wonders and embrace the beauty of the natural elements within the Illustrations Gallery.


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