Sizes listed are in centimeters e.g.: 25 x 29 cm.  The first dimension (25) is the vertical height while the second dimension (29) is the width.




Cois Farraige was inspired by my love for the west coast of Ireland. The main rock from Inis Oirr; the green headland from the Dingle penninsula; the distant cliffs from Donegal and the island in the centre inspired by Great Skellig. 

66 x 96 cms - Oil on Canvas - €1700 framed

I've named this painting 'Exploration' because it reminds me of seaside holidays with the children and the curiosity, wonder and excitement they displayed when first discovering shells, crabs and jellyfish.

40 x 50 cms - Oil on Canvas - €550 framed

On the Cap d'Antibes the gated mansions of the very wealthy sit in manicured grounds and overlook the tiny cove named Port de l'Olivette, where the brightly painted boats of local fishermen are tied to the timber jetty. 

25 x 29 cms - OIl on Canvas - €375 framed

Near Killadoon in County Mayo, in the townland of Tullaban, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, on a conical hill surrounded by water, was an ancient graveyard. I returned to the site 15 years after first seeing it to discover that the entire hill had been washed away and the graveyard reduced to a circle of stones.

33 x 53 cms - Oil on Canvas - €450 framed

Beneath Mweelrea, the highest mountain in Connaught, and at the end of the road from Louisburg, in the townland of Killadoon, stretches the magnificent beach known as the Silver Strand. The magnitude of the mountain is only rivaled by the magnitude of the western sky.

36 x 51 cms- Oil on Canvas - €300 framed

This imaginative composition has all those elements that I love about the west of Ireland: huge skies filled with towering cloudscapes; golden beaches for long walks; rock pools to marvel at and the backdroop of distant islands and mountains to dream about.

32 x 49 cms - Oil on Canvas - €450 framed

Painted from memory after returning from Antibes in the south of France. My remembered impressions of the blue/green vibrancy of the sea, of sunlight that seemed to penetrate everything and the subtle hue of the distant mountains as evening approached.

35 x 49 cms - Oil on Canvas - €375 framed

Thinking of Stradbally Cove in County Waterford brings back wonderful memories of family holidays - exploring caves with the children, making art with sand castles, picnics on the rocks, evening strolls around the cove and much more,

40 x 50 cms - Oil on Canvas - €650 framed




Glencullin, County Mayo is situated on the western side of the magnificent Doolough Valley. It is a spectacular mountain landscape and a magnet for adventurous hillwalkers.

33 x 50 cms - Oil on Canvas - €600 framed

I love the peace that seems to come with Autumn when the bright greens of summer fade to the multitude of golden russet, oranges and the air has a crisp, stillness that hints to the frosty nights and log fires to come. 

51 x 76 cms - Oil on Canvas - €1000 framed

Glenbarrow is my home. The river valley and its rocks,woods and waterfalls are a constant source of inspiration. This painting tries to capture the geology that has shaped it, the dappled light that illuminates it and the river that gives it life. A large part of my heart rests here.

51 x 76 cms - Oil on Canvas - €1750 framed

Also available as a Limited Edition Giclee print of the same size on Hahnemuhle canvas - €350 framed

Summer, and a strong warm wind blows across the land, bending leafybranches, raising dust and pollen and scattering withered leaves.  Facing into the wind it takes my breath away!

51 x 41 cms - Oil on Canvas - €375 framed

The inspiration for this painting came when climbing Muckish Mountain in County Donegal. The route by the Miner's Track, the abandoned silica quarry and the prehistoric burial cairn on the summit combine to make this a haunted, mysterious but wonderfully beautiful place.

41 x 61 cms - Oil on Canvas - €550 framed

Ross castle has the most beautiful aspect, standing on the shore of Lough Leane in Killarney National Park, but its wonderful location and  mountainous backdrop can only be fully appreciated from a boat on the lake.

25 x 50 cms - Oil on Canvas €375 framed


This street is in the town of Arles in the south of France. In this painting I've tried to capture the reflected brightness and wonderful mix of sun-bleached colours so typical of the narrow streets in the old part of town. When I look at this painting I am immediately transported back there and can almost feel the warmth of the day.

30 x 24 cms - OIl on Canvas - € 350 framed

The centre of Ireland was once a vast lake, which over thousands of years became fenland and eventually developed into a peat bog. As the peat was harvested for fuel the original shoreline of the lake was exposed, as were huge trees that grew there. Today this area is the Boora Peatlands Sculpture Park - a most wonderful place!

36 x 76 cms - Oil on Canvas - Sold


Still Life 

Yellow Roses 

40 x 30 cms - Oil on Canvas - €650 framed 


...more than fruit! I remember the satisfaction when I finally managed to capture that soft downey skin texture!

40 x 40 cms - Oil on Canvas - €500 framed 

Draped Vase

This painting celebrates my first visit to Musee d'Orsay in Paris and was inspired by Couture's 'Romans during the Decadence'  

30 x 56 cms - Oil on Canvas - €500


The simplest, everyday things have a beauty all of their own and are always worth a closer look.

40 x 30 cms - Oil on Canvas - €450



This self portrait is in the style of Caravaggio, who in 1600 revolutionised european painting with his dramatic contrast of light and dark (chiaroscuro) and his technique of foreshortening (things nearer the viewer seem larger - my hands).

Because it contains references to how I live, dress and work, I regard it as a portrait of who I am rather than a likeness.

51 x 40 cms - Original Oil on Canvas - €1750

51 x 40 cms - Limited Edition Giclee print (archival quality) on Hahnemuhle canvas  - €350 framed.

 Called 'Awakening', this little painting is meant to prompt the viewer to imagine the story it tells.

20 x 15 cms - Oil on Canvas - €250

'Lady in Waiting' is a portrait of a young woman I met in the fortress of Briancon near the French border with Italy. She was taking part in a summer pagent, playing the role of a soldier's wife. 

61 x 51 cms - Limited Edition Giclee print (archival quality) on Hahnemuhle canvas  - €350 framed.

This painting raises so many questions : Who is she? Where is she? - in a doorway? an alley? What (or perhaps who) is she looking at, or waiting for? What is she thinking? What has she seen? All of these questions make 'Alexandra' an enigma.

41 x 51 cms - Original Oil on Canvas - €1200

41 x 51 cms - Limited Edition Giclee print (archival quality) on Hahnemuhle canvas  - €350 framed.




Courtyard Harvest

Painted to remind me of wonderful Mediterranian holidays: sunshine, good food, fine wine and vines laden with ripe fruit.

10 x 12 cms - Oil on canvas - €300 framed





Field Poppy - the artillery bombardments of the 1st World War brought forth such a profusion of red poppies on the battlefields, that the Poppy is the symbol of that tragic time, hense "Poppy Day"

Limited Edition Print  - 25 x 18 cms  - €100 framed



Foxglove – A favourite flower of mine. The powerful drug Digitalin is extracted from this extremely poisonous but well loved plant.

Limited Edition Print  - 25 x 18 cms  - €100 framed



Holly – A mystical tree of winter. Even before Christian times it was believed that sprays of red Holly berries protected the house against evil. In Ireland Holly trees were planted near houses to ward off lightning.

Limited Edition Print  - 25 x 18 cms  - €100 framed



Hawthorn or Maybush or Whitethorn signifies the oncoming of spring, the end of winter and the rebirth of life.

Limited Edition Print  - 25 x 18 cms  - €100 framed



Spear Thistle – In the autumn and winter this troublesome weed is a favourite of Goldfinches, who strip the bracts for the seeds within.

Limited Edition Print  - 25 x 18 cms  - €100 framed



Yellow Iris - Iris is the Greek word for rainbow and symbolized life and resurrection.

Limited Edition Print  - 25 x 18 cms  - €100 framed

Barrow Godhead

(original illustration from 'Bladma - Walks of Discovery in Slieve Bloom')

Ink on Watercolour Paper - 18 x 13 cms - €300 framed

Chinese Pagoda Plant

Introduced into Ireland as a food plants for Pheasants

 (original illustration from 'Bladma - Walks of Discovery in Slieve Bloom')

Watercolour - 20 x 20 cms - €300 framed